Environment and Agriculture Taskforce (EAT) Sacramento serves as a network of residents and organizations dedicated to increasing food access and food security.


Pesticide use is pervasive. Agriculture has become agribusinesses. And genetic engineering threatens the integrity of our farms. 

We faced challenges before, during World War II and Americans responded. These victory gardens were planted by about 20 million families and would eventually provide nearly half of the fresh produce consumed during this time of crisis. In front yards, community plots and rooftops, they grew eight million tons of fruit, vegetables and herbs. 

Facing similar challenges we are issuing a call to revitalize urban gardening. 


The mission of Environment and Agriculture Taskforce (EAT) Sacramento is to increase food access and security by empowering Sacramento residents to create a new food community. In the face of economic and public health crises, Sacramento residents face daily problems with increasing food prices, potential water shortages, and decreased nutrition. EAT Sacramento believes that a new food economy begins in our backyards and means that everyone has access to healthy and affordable food. EAT Sacramento seeks to link and unify existing community organizations and efforts in behind city and countywide changes, while supporting neighborhood and frontyard efforts to build new food communities.


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