Victory at Committee!

14 03 2011

Sorry! We’ve been awful at updating our website/blog.

As you probably know by now, after three repeated attempts, we passed out of the City of Sacramento’s Law & Leg Committee and are on our way to the full Sacramento City Council for review and vote.

Say what? Yes, in the next few months, with your support, the Sacramento City Council will vote to legalizing egg-laying hens. Since we are in the final stretch, please consider doing everything you can to secure the support of your city council person and that of your neighbors. We’re almost there…

And please consider sending a special thanks to Councilmembers Cohn, Fong, Schenirer and Sheedy for voting to move the issue of backyard egg-laying hens forward at the Law & Leg hearing last month. You can find their info here.

And in case you missed it, we had a great write-up in Sacramento Magazine.

Stay tuned for next steps…