Date Change: Oct. 5th is New Hearing

25 09 2010

Ugh. We’re tired of waiting, but the City moves (very) slow. It turns out they needed more time to work on their report in the impacts of legalizing urban chickens. Crazy seeing as how we put together a comprehensive report and legal review of relevant  city code a year ago on the topic and presented it to them. And crazy since it is unlikely that legalizing them  will not have much of any fiscal or noticeable impact.

But let’s not get ourselves down…they are actually moving forward. The City Council’s Law and Leg Committee (Councilmembers Hammond, Sheedy, Cohn and Waters) will take up the issue of legalizing backyard chickens on Oct. 5th in the Council Chambers at 3pm.

Also, we have lots of new t-shirts in green, red, and grey, in cuts for men and women. Contact us at info(at)eatsacramento(dot)org to order one for $15 today!



3 responses

25 09 2010

Hello, good news. Since we were on vacation Sept. 21, I am glad there is another opportunity on Oct 5. My wife and I will be there. Hope to see alot of others there too……..

13 10 2010

We’re tired of waiting too. October 5th’s back seating of the issue was like letting the air out of a tire. We haven’t heard when it will be rescheduled. Have you?

17 10 2010

So what was the verdict for the uban chicks?

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