Egg Recall Lends Support To Backyard Chicken Movement

29 08 2010

We’re sure a few of you have been wondering when we were going to address the issues raised by the latest egg recall (emphasis on “latest”). Rather than make the case ourselves, we think Bonnie Azab Powell did a good job in her recent article. Here’s a little snippet:

The sad fact is that industrial farming is the norm in both Europe and America, and that whenever you have thousands of animals crowded together inside — whether barn egg layers in England or chickens at big organic operations in Northern California — you’re going to increase the risk of pathogens like salmonella.

Things are gearing up to legalize backyard chickens in Sacramento. Let’s give people an option for something rather than unhealthy factory conditions, let’s give them the opportunity for healthy, green and nutritious eggs. We may have hearings on the issue starting in September before the Sacramento City Council…so stay tuned!

See Powell’s full article in Reuters or other postings at The Ethicurean.



One response

5 10 2010

I’ve just become aware of CLUCK… thanks to a Sac Bee article I saw while in a waiting room. I’m a resident of the county and have had
backyard and pasture chickens for years (I am not in the city). I fully support lifting the chicken ban (and also think the rooster ban is not really constructed by someone familiar with those of us that can have fertile eggs and hens gone broody… how can we know how many of the poults are cockerels and at what age are they a problem? I’ve had as many as many as 10 mature roosters at one time and they were quite peaceful and beautiful birds)

I did want to point out that the problem with bad eggs isn’t necessarily to do with caging. It had to do with commercial food sources. Any of us that buy scratch, corn and other commercial feed to supplement our birds (especially in the winter, I use cracked corn), can get bad feed this way. Grains are not raised on sterile properties. Just a fact of life. The pet food potential poisoning issues (aflatoxin) is just a reminder.

Anyway, I look forward to supporting CLUCK. I think that Sacramento area does have quite a bit of ‘sustainable development’ issues that has done quite a bit to drive people away from the area. See for some of the many issues.

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