from fellow chicken enthusiasts in Berkeley

20 06 2010

Yes, we’ve been bad at posting lately. And here we are cheating again. Here’s a good story from our friends at Civil Eats about backyard chickens in Berkeley. Read the full story here.

Our North Berkeley neighborhood is a haven for chicken fanciers. I’ve counted at least six coops within a three-block radius of our house! And we’re fortunate enough to live right next to one of them. Our lovely back neighbors, Fran and Chip, have three young hens in their backyard. In addition to entertaining Will, who now says “buck, buck” and heads for the back door whenever we say “chicken”, we also receive delicious eggs with brilliant orange yolks from the girls next door.After seeing how much Will enjoys watching the girls scratch, peck and flap their wings, I started thinking about maybe getting some chickens of our own. But how to begin? Fran was kind enough to answer some questions about her experience raising the birds. I’ve included our little “poultry talk” below in case you’re thinking about starting your own little backyard flock.




One response

15 07 2010

Hi.. good to find another Sacramento person into backyard civil disobedience! i live in Oak Park and starting to do research for a coop and 3 residents! 😉

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