Special Chickens needing Special Homes

4 03 2010

Animal Place recently accepted 45 hens from a cage-free egg laying operation. The hens are commercial brown layers and are approximately 2 years old. They have been de-beaked, so will require some specialized feeding care.

The hens are friendly, all things considered, and are looking for new homes.

There are 23 hens available for adoption. Adopters will need to fill out an adoption application and there is a suggested $5 donation per chicken to help offset the extra care and feed they require at the sanctuary.

If you are interested in adopting some of these hens or know someone who is, please contact Marji Beach at marji@animalplace.org. Hens will only be adopted into companion homes.

Please remember, if you know anyone looking for chickens to adopt, please consider your local shelter or a sanctuary like Animal Place before buying. Hatcheries are sad places where adult birds are kept in puppy mill style housing and where day-old, sensitive birds are sent through the postal service. Rooster chicks are used as packing material, so even ordering “hens” may result in a few roosters (who are generally tossed out or euthanized at shelters). Contact us first to see if we can find needy chickens for placement before buying!

Animal Place


Urban Farm Magazine

3 03 2010

Hobby Farms has a new magazine out “Urban Farm”.  The spring 2010 issue is on news stands now.  I was shopping at Raley’s last weekend, checking out the magazine selection, and was very surprised to see Urban Farm at Raley’s. I thought I would have to order it.  Looks like Urban Farming is becoming more and more mainstream.  This is a fun magazine to read, lot’s of interesting articles on gardening, composting and of course chicken keeping!  It is so encouraging that many people are taking the issue of food security seriously and stepping up to the plate to solve the problem one ubran farm at at time!

It doesn’t take a farm to have the heart of a