chicken m.o.s

20 01 2010

If you’re not yet at the ad nauseam stage with chicken web sites, here’s one that gets into more than 60 different chicken breeds and their predominant neuroses, likes and dislikes, and winning characteristics:


A letter from Alex (a 12 year old former backyard chicken farmer)

16 01 2010

With the amazing media coverage that CLUCK has been getting lately, many folks in the community have been reaching out to us to express support.  One of these folks is lovely lady named Linda.  Her 12 year old son, Alex, feels pretty strongly about the ban on hen keeping in Sacramento and wanted to let us know that he’s behind our efforts.  Linda and Alex recently moved to Sacramento from Vacaville, where chicken keeping is legal.  Alex had an egg selling and delivery business and a flock of chickens with cool names who even went to church with him once!  When they moved to Sacramento Alex had to leave his flock behind.  Anyhow, Alex’s letter pretty much says it all.

My name is Alex and I am a former flock owner . I had 45 chickens when I lived in Vacaville. I moved to Sacramento and now I am not allowed to have chickens. It makes me enraged that the city will not allow us to have such a peaceful and useful creature such as the chicken. Add Video

I will be sending letters and this picture I made (see below) to the mayor and the city council members.

Please if there’s any other way that I can support your work to lift the ban on backyard chickens, I would like to help.


Gaining momentum…

7 01 2010

In just the past few weeks, local restaurants and businesses have joined our cause. Mulvaney’s Building and Loan, Magpie Caterers, Ravenous Cafe and the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op have all written to the council expressing their support for CLUCK’s efforts to legalize urban chicken keeping.

When you have a chance to stop by, please thank these folks!