Great CLUCK Media Exposure

16 12 2009

Howdy CLUCKers! The urban chicken movement has been getting some attention in the media this month. Follow these links to view the 4 articles that ran in the Sacramento Bee this week.

Getting Fresh Backyard Eggs Means Starting from Scratch

The Conversation: Why are birds a dirty word?

A Chicken Fancier Defends the Flock

Sacramento to Rethink Backyard Chicken Ban

Additionally, there’s an article in Inside the City this month as well. Pick up a copy at many local shops. I always get my copy at Gunther’s Ice Cream on Franklin.

Want to show your support for CLUCK? Consider buying a t shirt. We have some good lookin’ t’s with the CLUCK logo on the front for just 15 bucks. Email to place your order. This would make a super cool Christmas gift for the urban ag enthusiast in us all!




One response

30 12 2009
Marti W

Great media punch this last month! Kudos to you all at CLUCK & EatSacramento! The coming to town of the Berkely Urban Farmer started the media blitz and I was so pleased to see something every week in the paper!
The legislature really needs our input on the number 6 – the media keeps mentioning restricting hens to 3! Those into bantams especially find that too restrictive!
Read my blog above on my first few months as a “chicks chick”!

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