Great CLUCK Media Exposure

16 12 2009

Howdy CLUCKers! The urban chicken movement has been getting some attention in the media this month. Follow these links to view the 4 articles that ran in the Sacramento Bee this week.

Getting Fresh Backyard Eggs Means Starting from Scratch

The Conversation: Why are birds a dirty word?

A Chicken Fancier Defends the Flock

Sacramento to Rethink Backyard Chicken Ban

Additionally, there’s an article in Inside the City this month as well. Pick up a copy at many local shops. I always get my copy at Gunther’s Ice Cream on Franklin.

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the Chicken Whisperer

11 12 2009

There are tons of Urban chicken websites, just hit you favorite search engine and go for a spin. You can spend hours cruising fun and informative sites. Recently I came across a blogradio site for a guy who calls himself “the Chicken Whisperer”. His show is nationally broadcast from Atlanta, Georgia and its focus is keeping backyard poultry and living a self-sufficient lifestyle. Check him out on either:

The Way It Was —

8 12 2009

Chickens in Downtown Sacramento’s backyards — circa 1916.  Photo taken at a home near 26th & P, downtown Sacramento.

Diary of an Urban Chicken-Keeper

4 12 2009

Here’s a humorous little article on the travails of urban chicken-keeping from across the pond.  The Eglu it mentions is pictured above. A cute, hassle-free coop, if not very environmentally benign.