Raising Chickens Class

19 08 2009

I got an email from our friends at Soil Born Farms last week.  They are planning a class about backyard chicken raising and it sounds exciting!  Here’s the scoop~

Raising Chickens in Your Own Backyard
Saturday, August 22, 9-11 am
$20, $15 Co-op owners
Location: The Farm on Hurley Way
Backyard chickens are all the rage, but are you ready to have your own flock in your backyard? Learn how to take care of chickens in an urban environment. Urban gardener Antonio will cover such topics as housing, nutrition, predators, diseases, and more.
Instructor: Antonio Garza

You can register for this class at the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op.  Give them a call or head down and register before browsing their lovely local produce.




2 responses

23 08 2009

We saw you on the news (cbs13) the other day and would like for you to include Sacramento county if possible. Thanks

23 08 2009

Hi saw you on the news the other night. Was so excited you are trying to change the law! I been wanting a chicken for all while for all the same reason but was afraid of the fine. Is there any way you can include us Sacramento county people too. Thank You.

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