CLUCK meeting Tuesday, 8-18

17 08 2009

Hello all!  Don’t forget our monthly meeting, tomorrow night, 8-18 at 6:00 at the Coffee Garden (2904 Frankin Blvd.).  I hope to see you there!  Abi




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19 08 2009

It was nice meeting everyone yesterday! When we talked about the t-shirts there was mention of having a slogan. This might be too much of a stretch, but I thought I’d throw it out there. With the “cash for clunkers” program being all over the news, I thought a play on words with “a cache for cluckers” might get people’s attention. It’s probably too much to put on the shirts and clearly wouldn’t work in the long term, but might work for posters or flyers. Or perhaps its just too esoteric?

7 09 2009
debbie cook

dear Lisa, I thing it is a great idea Does the organization have business cards made up I would love to leave them in the local pet stores and vets places but maybe this is or has already been done. My name is Debbie and I have two hens at present a Millie fleur named Virginia and a Belgian de ander pullet named Abi . My husband tolerates my hobby I have always been a chicken lover. Do you live in the city and do you have chickens? I am looking forward to coming to the next meeting this month but i have class until 630 pm .Do you know how long the meetings are ? Looking forward to meeting you sincerely ,debbie

25 01 2010
Sharon Taylor of Sac Pomona Grange #2

I hope it isn’t too late to show interest in what your group is doing.
I am a suburban/domestic poultry owner and activist in Orangevale and member of the Grange.

I would like to invite you to speak with our group when convenient. Sacramento Pomona Grange #2 meets the 4th Wednesday of each Month (location may vary).

The Grange’s Mission has been supporting [Family Farming] Agriculture for over 140 years in legislation. Do I got your interest?

Sharon Taylor-

24 07 2010

I am a Sacramento chicken owner, I have 5 hens of all breeds and ages. I would like to get involved and go to a meeting, do you still have them? I am definately interested!

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